Genuine Love (NAMM Show 2017)

So lately I’ve been asking myself this question: What are you REALLY passionate about? 

The answer used to be so clear. I love singing and I want to make music until the end of my time (probably will still be singing in my grave). But honestly, self-doubt is one SOB (please excuse my language). Doubt in my vocal capabilities, doubt in my talents, doubt in my ability to excel, etc. It creeps in so suddenly that when I find myself drowning in it, I can’t seem to get out of it so easily.

Originally, this post was going to be another “review” of basically how cool the NAMM Show was this year. Instead I’d rather share all the great insight I learned from attending this year’s show. First off – me attending the NAMM show for the second year in a row has to be some sort of fate. I attended NAMM 2016 thanks to my handy connection with Titan Radio, but now that I no longer work there I wasn’t expecting to make my way into this year’s show. Well this year my parents decided it was time to get our piano tuned again. We got to talking to our tuner, who just so happens to be an exhibitor at NAMM, and he got us passes!


No, my name is not Emily and that is not how you spell my name (LOL I honestly don’t know how that happened…), but I was super stoked to be at the biggest music trade show in the world. I had a blast at last year’s show and I wanted to inhale all the talent and wonderful musical vibes that filled the Anaheim Convention Center that weekend


I have a notebook that I bought at last year’s show that I was super excited about because the sides were neon green and I will literally buy anything that is my favorite color. Since then, I’ve taken notes inside of it that include topics from self-help, meditation, yoga, music, and more. I brought it with me to add to the goodness.

Here’s a look inside that notebook, with the most important pieces of information I feel like I got from that weekend.



“Ask yourself: Are you PASSIONATE? Go home & think… Do you love music? You need to love it to succeed in music.” -Richard Sussman 

That was the first thing I wrote down at the first seminar I attended at NAMM 2017. Holy crap, it was like a slap in the face, and totally ironic and incredibly perfect timing. I loved Mr. Sussman’s seminar for various reasons. First, because he made me realize that NOT EVERYONE need’s a degree to have a successful music career. He outlined this ever so clearly in his Powerpoint. Second, because he also talked about KARMA. Although I probably will get 100 NOs, I will get a YES.


“WRITE A STORY” -Kevin Bruener, CD Baby

A lot of the times I find myself in extreme musical stump (like now lol). I loved this seminar because the speaker basically called out all the pop songs out there right now that lack real substance. Sometimes, digging deep to find that inspiration is extremely hard, but SOMETHING INTERESTING is bound to have happened/will happen in life that is worth writing about. And this pertains to anything, really. Photography, poetry, song-writing, blogging, teaching, etc.


“Time goes by whether you do something or not… So do something.” -Bob Taylor

Okay, so blunt, and so obvious. But so true! Bob Taylor’s talk was especially inspiring to me because he wasn’t afraid to tell us how DIFFICULT it was and how LONG it took for him to reach success. He talked about not having electricity in his house cuz they couldn’t pay the bill (more than one month at a time), and how it was seriously a struggle to get Taylor Guitars to where it is now. But he knew he loved his craft and he did something about it. Obviously, it paid off pretty nicely.


“George’s legacy: Never felt superior to other musicians who didn’t have classical training. Knew when to do nothing.” 

The late Sir George Martin is responsible for producing and engineering so many of The Beatles’ records. Him and the band were like bread and butter together – just perfect. This stood out to me because although he was such a musical genius, he was also so humble. I feel like a lot of us get caught up in the race to be the best, and it really clouds our judgement. Who knows what would have happened if George didn’t say YES to The Beatles … But thank God he did.


“Hard work fueled by PASSION & education… Can’t stop applying that method after you make it.” -Kenny Aronoff

I’m quite guilty of this. After I have a taste of the satisfaction of a little success, I’ll get bored and quit/ lose all motivation to continue. I can say it happened with performing, guitar, piano, singing, radio, college, etc. But okay that’s enough self-loathing. I’m admitting this now so I can now say that phase of my life is OVER. I pledge to continue educating myself and to continue to perfect my craft every day of my life.


Now that I’ve joined the sea of people who share the same dream as me, I have to keep reminding myself that nothing is simply handed to anyone. My new journey will include a lot of disappointment, heartbreak, and long nights. But at the same time I know that it will all be worth it in the end. And I guess that’s love, right? It’s enduring that heartbreak with as much grace as you can, because you know that you couldn’t live without it/him/her/them/whatever you love. That being said, I will continue to genuinely love my new crazy journey until it’s over.



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