Love (2/5/2017)

So I know the title says “Sunday”, and I’m writing this on a Monday, but it’s the intention that counts, right? I fell asleep on my laptop last night and woke up this morning with a large puddle of drool where words were supposed to be. Oops!

Introducing my new weekly addition to this blog, Sunday Soul Sessions. Inspired by my Passion Planner gifted to me by my wonderful #yogang (aka my friends who I do yoga with). This planner has seriously been a game changer for me as I get back on track to chasing my dreams this new year.

A big part of the planner’s purpose is weekly reflection, which has helped me immensely. Not only do I reflect on what I can do better during the following week, but I reflect on the many things I can be thankful and proud of that happened during this week. So I thought, why not turn it into a weekly post that I can share with my wonderful followers? (Ps. I love all 21 of you!) So here goes nothing…

Sunday Soul Session: LOVE


A few days ago, someone very close to me told me something along the lines of “the world doesn’t revolve around love”. Those few words really pierced something inside me because I can honestly say that throughout the entire existence of my being, I’ve understood the importance of love and putting love at the forefront of your life. The conversation left me confused and sad.

The next morning, I sat in front my little prayer altar in my room and turned on my new favorite meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer (Thank you, YouTube!). What I love about this meditation are the affirmations. I’m a firm believer that thinking/saying positive things leads to actual positivity in your life. I went through the motions, chanting the affirmations as they went by, until one particular affirmation hit me like lightning in the best way possible.

“The very essence of my being

and the way to transform my life is love.”

Now, my definition of love has definitely changed over the years. In middle school, I thought love was defined by those really “emo” songs I would listen to on a daily. When I got to high school, I thought love was defined by the acceptance of my peers. When I got to college, I thought it was working hard to prove to myself of my capabilities. I didn’t LITERALLY think those were the definitions of love, but those are the things I revolved my life around during those times.

I’m in the next stage of my life now, still trying to define love to the best of my capabilities. Now I’m coming to realize that love isn’t something so easily definable, because it has a different meaning in each of our lives. Love for those around us, even those we despise. Love for the hard times. Love for the good times. Love for ourselves. Love for our mistakes. Love for our triumphs. Love for our family. Love for our friends. Love for our lovers. Love for the loud. The quiet. The confusion. The clarity.

When I find myself acting in love, the anger goes away. The self-doubt goes away. Fear goes away. And I welcome in the faith and hope, the radiance and light, and the stillness I need to move on. It all sounds so very cliché, but to me it makes so much sense. It’s nearly impossible to attract negativity in your life if your life is centered around love. I’m not saying that hardships and tragedies will not happen, because that’s life, but it’s the way we embrace those things that in the end define us and define how our lives are going to be.



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